Holly’s Artists Statement

A story teller at heart, I express my creative spirit through the camera lens along with a short narrative. With camera in hand, I walk urban environments on a mission to showcase the amazing within everyday life, whether provided by nature, of human origin or a combination. My artwork requires an open heart that invites the miraculous to materialize, often in a ray of light, an insect landing in my focal point, or a bird posing with direct eye contact.

As a national non-profit executive, my life is filled with travel and the opportunity to explore a myriad of urban environments with my camera. Documentary work via the word and photos is integrated within my professional lifestyle.

Through nature, urban and documentary photography, my artwork intention is to inspire others to express their creative spirit and open their hearts to a miraculous life.



As a nature photographer who lives an urban lifestyle,  I focus on how wildlife & fauna are integral within urban life.


For me, documentary photography is an opportunity to craft a creative image series that invites the viewer to explore the event purpose within an intriguing story.



My urban photography features the underlying stories beheld within street scenes, often intertwined with the intrinsic beauty of the elders.