Although her role as Elemental Impact (Ei) Founder & CEO is a primary professional focus, Holly is available for contracted services within a myriad of areas.  Services are available via an hourly | day rate, per project, or on a retainer basis.


As mentioned on the About page, first and foremost, Holly is an astute business person. Combining her corporate, entrepreneurial and environmental non-profit experience, Holly has a solid track record of business accomplishments.

Zero Waste Consulting

As the Zero Waste Zones Founder in 2009, Holly is a well-respected zero-waste industry expert and available to assist with crafting community and | or individual organization zero-waste plans. The Ei Recycling Refinement website section details Holly’s extensive materials-management experience, including source-separated-materials recycling, food-waste reduction and composting, plastic-film recycling, and food court and event recycling where the consumer is responsible for disposal.

Holly is available to share her zero-waste and materials-management expertise.

Project Development & Management

Holly is a pro at grounding a vision into a detailed plan complete with chronological action points. The Ei Airborne Kitchen Grease (AKG) Initiative is an example of Holly’s project-development skils; the referenced website page details a four-stage plan for a city-wide AKG Initiative implementation along with crafting a replicable template.

Consider Holly to develop and|or manage projects.

Professional Connections

One of Holly’s attributes is strong professional connections across industry and territory boundaries. The Ei Connects page details a few of Holly’s powerful connections with long-term impact.

Ei plays a valuable industry role by introducing organizations and individuals who share synergies for powerful relationships and action. The Sustainable Food & Beverage Packaging Value Chain Meeting series was a prime example of bringing industry executives together until “mission accomplished!” Holly organized, moderated and documented the annual powerful meetings hosted at Global Green’s Washington D.C. offices.

Holly can connect organizations and communities with appropriate industry experts.

Event Planning

As Ei CEO, Holly orchestrated a series of Industry, Sustainable Food Court Initiative, and Ei Partner Tours to educate on emerging industry technologies along with highlighting Ei Partner expertise. An excellent event planner, Holly ensures the tours are audience-targeted and the program flows in accordance with a defined plan. The Ei Tours website section details the wide variety of tours Holly spearheaded over the years.

Holly is available to orchestrate meetings, tours, and events.


Holly is a story teller! Armed with her camera, Holly is an artist who captures synergies at play to later transcribe into an article intertwined with interesting anecdotes. In addition to her documentary skills, Holly is an excellent orator who is at ease with a microphone.

Tell the story

As the Official Media Partner for the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council from its inception through the U.S. Green Building Council purchase, Ei announced, promoted and documented the annual National Zero Waste Business Conference. The Fingertip Press built the story leading up to the conference and then documented the conference success, intertwining themes revealed during the program.

The Zero Waste in ACTION (ZWA) Blog article,”Tune-in” to Zero Waste and Catch Austin’s Beat to a World Without Waste, announced the Fifth Annual NZWBC plenary program; the ZWA Blog article, A “Tuned In” Industry Catches a Vibrant Zero Waste Beat, chronicled the conference success story.

As detailed on the Fingertip Press page, Holly is an experienced author with a resume of published articles.

Holly is available to tell your story!


Education is a key component to pioneering new standard sustainable best operating practices. Working closely with the Ei SMAT – Sustainable Materials ACTION Team, Holly orchestrated the two-hour Compostable Food & Beverage Packaging Education session requested by the Georgia World Congress Center.

Under the Fingertip Press Industry Documents section, the Waste | Recycling Course Curriculum prepared for the World Chefs’ Sustainability Curriculum is detailed.

Holly is available to prepare education sessions specific to an organization or community.

At the Podium

An accomplished speaker, Holly is comfortable at the podium and has a strong public-speaking resume. The Ei Speaking Engagements page chronicles Holly’s At-the-Podium experience. The March 2012 Sustainable Food Court Initiative Overview video from Global Green’s Coalition for Resource Recovery conference in New Orleans is an example of Holly’s podium style.

In March 2016 Holly was a guest speaker at the Georgia Tech Engineers for a Sustainable World meeting. As a motivational topic was requested, Holly spoke on a subject dear to her heart, Sustainability of the Spirit! The IMPACT Blog article Sustainability of the Spirit recaps the inspirational talk.

At the 2018 World Chefs Congress hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Holly presented on The Profitability of Waste: the business case for food-waste reduction to the global audience of prominent chefs. The RiA Blog article, The Profitability of Food Waste: the business case for food waste reduction gives an overview of Holly’s presentation and showcases case studies of three Ei Supporters.

Consider Holly as a keynote speaker for upcoming corporate meetings, conferences and | or other events.


One of Holly’s talents is “seeing” interconnections within creative chaos necessary for structure to ground into tangible action. Using her profound communication skills, Holly is a master at simplifying complicated scenarios into manageable segments with associated detailed, chronological tasks.

Holly is available as a consultant to ground visions into solid programs designed for success.